Swamp Tour, swamp boat,, 35 minutes from new Orleans.

All sales are final and refunds can only be issued if party cancels reservation for boats or any other reservation associated with pirate venture 48 hours before reservation time , usually half the amount of the activity or tour  is required  for a deposit usually , And we do shut down in bad weather we will issue refunded deposits but the weather is deemed to bad to go out "solely" by pirate ventures and a 9% tax is added to every sale( 5% for state and 4% for parish).  If individual with back problems, unsteady footing , pregnant or expecting child or over the weight of 230 lbs or  any physical problems or mental or physical disabilities  that individual or persons making reservations  is required to notify pirate venture upon reservations conformation some guest may not be prohibited due to waves the boats will experience causing it to jolt ,all deposits are non refundable unless cancellation of reservation is made 48 prior to reservation time. In the event that the party or persons do not show up for tour/activities and did not confirm cancellation the full price will be charged to the credit card that was listed for the deposit. A %9 tax to all charges (%4 parrish and %5 state) ages 4 and up are prefrred we say down here if they can tie there own shoes they can understand directions that we ask all guest like, stay seated and keep your hands and feet inside the boat and if they don't listen we use em 4 crab bait.  

  1. We give 2-3 hour charters.with "custom tour times "

  2. Each boat or charter/tour gets 3,000 acres to explore , we are the only tour company that can offer that you will never see another boat around a "real" private tour

  3. All our captains are real locals, the accent  wont lie.

  4. We can hand feed our animals like alligators legally getting them up close to the boat if the weather and conditions permit, (you cant do that in a national park like some companies or in any other parish in Louisiana other than ours)  !!!

  5. a real "swamp tour", not just a boat ride. All we do is swamp tours, hunt, fish !...and be coonasses 

  6. We have the fastest and safest boats for hire in the gulf coast!

  7. We give half or hole day charters

  8. Our boats make no noise, so we don't disturb the locals or the animals

  9. We showcase our beautiful fishing village life that was  the "Seafood Capitol of the WORLD" back in the 1980's

  10. We have "real"  small 2-4 and 6 passenger boats

  11. We don't need gimmicks like "you can hold a baby alligator" to gain our guest or feed wild pigs that should be eradicated instead of feed because pigs damage the landscape/animal life, and the baby alligators are kept captive there entire life in an ice chest that's just not right. We do not exploit the animals or the landscape to gain guest

  12. We dont use corny terms like " let the good times role"

  13. That's enough , not telling any more secrets.