Swamp Tour, swamp boat,, 35 minutes from new Orleans.

All sales are final and refunds can only be issued if party cancels reservation for boats or any other reservation associated with pirate venture 48 hours before reservation time , usually half the amount of the activity or tour  is required  for a deposit usually , And we do shut down in bad weather we will issue refunded deposits but the weather is deemed to bad to go out "solely" by pirate ventures and a 9% tax is added to every sale( 5% for state and 4% for parish). 

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This is one of our small 4 passenger swamp boat

Every sale is final and nonrefundable if cancellation is not dun so within 48 hours prior to reservation date, only refunds will be given if weather is to bad and that is determined solely by pirate venture.  

If individual with back problems, unsteady footing , pregnant or expecting child or over the weight of 230 lbs or  any physical problems or mental or physical disabilities  that individual or persons making reservations  is required to notify pirate venture upon reservations 

pirate Venture's swamp tour  and outdoor adventures
pickup and drop off "one of our meeting spots 
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and drop off "one of our meeting spots"

4477 Jean Lafitte Blvd. Jean Lafitte 70067

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