All sales are final and refunds can only be issued if cancel is made within 48 hrs of reservations

                 Swamp tours.                   
a.m. tours: any time      
 p.m. tours: any time till 1.a.m.

Check out some of our boats

sunrise (times vary around 30 minutes   before sunrise 

sunset times vary

     Scenery leasing

We have private property ranging all over Louisiana, perfect for making movies, taking pictures, and holding corporate gatherings (catering can be included)

If individual with back problems, unsteady footing , pregnant or expecting child or over the weight of 230 lbs or  any physical problems or mental or physical disabilities  that individual or persons making reservations  is required to notify pirate venture upon reservations 

"We have custom tour times to fit our customers schedule

Swamp Tour, swamp boat,, 35 minutes from new Orleans.

Our alligator hunts!!!

regular alligator hunt$ 650

trophy alligator hunt $1200

not including licenses , lodging available.

Our alligator season is in September,  it takes some time obtaining licenses so please schedule a hunt in advance

         all tours $35-100 a person

          6 passenger boat $70-100 a person

private boats start at $150 for the first 2 people  and $45 each extra person




Outdoor Adventures

(proper licenses needed for all hunting and fishing in Louisiana)  pick up to 2 activities to do with a local coon ass .All red highlighted activities are what is in season, all blue highlighted are what is coming up next month

lodging $100-$200 a night

  • Duck hunting
  • Alligator hunting" different prices and only in the month of September
  • Swamp Deer hunting
  • Nutria hunting
  • Wild Hog
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Crabbing
  • Shrimping
  • Bird Watching
  • HistoricalSight Seeing
  • bar hopping on the bayou
  • enjoying south Louisiana food.. 2 meals and relaxing on the bayou maybe even nap

all outdoor adventure prices are for a half of day. hole day adventure prices vary

$525=1-2 people 

$575=3 people  

$600=4 people

$80 for each extra person

(15 people=$150 a person )

16 or more =$110 a person

prices are subject to change but not often
licenses and permits needed to be obtained and can be dun through us, so please schedule in advance