Swamp Tour, swamp boat,, 35 minutes from new Orleans.

All sales are final and refunds can only be issued if party cancels reservation for boats or any other reservation associated with pirate venture 48 hours before reservation time , usually half the amount of the activity or tour  is required  for a deposit usually , And we do shut down in bad weather we will issue refunded deposits but the weather is deemed to bad to go out "solely" by pirate ventures and a 9% tax is added to every sale( 5% for state and 4% for parish). 

We are the most sincere and exclusive outfit in south Louisiana ,probably the world but definitely in New Orleans . We all grew up in the same territory you are going to explore. We offer a 2-3 hour swamp tour because there is so much to see down here(this is not including the commute out like the lame competition includes ), and no one else offers that for the same price on a swamp boat or and none of New Orleans attractions can compare to us . We know exactly were to take you into the most secluded places hidden away from the rest of the world... Because it isPrivate Property!!!.We offer everything south Louisiana; the accents, the moss in the trees, the alligators (that we hand feed)!, the great blue heron, the fisherman and there catch, the good time down south that's for sho! Our  flat boats, muddboats and airboat or (fan boats) take you there the "fastest and safest" so you also have more time to play in the swamp. You are always "inches" from everything. "We also have a bar" next door . We are family owned  and operated enjoying  doing swamp tours passing on heritage making our ancestors proud sharing it with the world .If you seen it on tv in Louisiana we can assure you can see it with us!Our swamp tours are hands down the most unique in all of North America.Take our word and come check it out for your self   Come have a good time and explore south Louisiana and all of what its known for. Just like the locals do, this is not a big corporation tourist trap we want yall to enjoy your time down here        

Most exclusive Swamp tour in New Orleans 

If individual with back problems, unsteady footing , pregnant or expecting child or over the weight of 230 lbs or  any physical problems or mental or physical disabilities  that individual or persons making reservations  is required to notify pirate venture upon reservations conformation  ‚Äč

Small children lover our tours!

Bachlor party!!!