Turn your volume up to here the sounds of the bullfrogs it is so quiet

Take a ride with  "local" captains aboard their very own  boats,

and transportation from New Orleans can be provided.

no crowds. no noise, private charters  for cheaper than the competition we promis .  10% off this month

Scenery leasing
boat rentals
 and more.  ( we do help out our little island down here. check out what else there is to do down here)


  Our swamp tours are the most unique (2-3hour tours, half a day tour, or hole day tour . A super laid back island atmosphere will surely let you feel welcome.

When you step aboard our unique vessels there is no telling what you will see. The scenery itself will be enough to interest you  .Our most popular animal life are alligators, great blue heron ,70% of north Americas bird life that live or visit our territory, little cute otters, turtles, nutria and way more .

  We also showcase the bayou life as well the locals that live on the water, the 3 bars and marinas , 3 different types of wetland's south Louisiana is known for (swamp, freshwatermarsh, and brackish marsh). The fresh seafood; from the docks that buy them, to the fisherman that catch them, to our own traps and fish lines we show you everything south Louisiana.  

Our captains are real locals ,from the same fishing village not someone just hired to drive a boat and fill your head with lies. We only hire locals that can pass our own "heritage" test. And each Is licensed through the united states coast guard  .                                   Our night time tours can speak for itsself ,its at night ...in the  swamp when the swamp comes alive!!!!

p.s we are the only place with a bar next door !!!! your welcome

Don't expect us to advertise too much about anything because we don't want to ruin any surprise.(looses lips sink ships )   

The most "exclusive swamp tours in New Orleans, the best kept secret in new orleans things to do!!. And the most unique Swamp tour swamp boats in all the gulf coast

"Pirate Ventures "

most exclusive swamp tours and swamp adventures in North America!.

What  sets us Apart from Other companies around us !!

"Must read"


If individual with back problems, unsteady footing , pregnant or expecting child or over the weight of 230 lbs or  any physical problems or mental or physical disabilities  that individual or persons making reservations  is required to notify pirate venture upon reservations conformation   

   Find a place of South  Louisiana to call your own. Our selection of private property ranges from cypress swamp ,200 year old oak forest ,plantations , marshland, camps along   bayous and private canals. A very extensive range of property in and around south Louisiana.   These secluded locations, but still within 30 minutes of the city of new Orleans are perfect  for  filming  movies, taking pictures and holding corporate outings and personal gatherings.(catering can be included)

  Rent one of our boats for half or the hole day . We will provide a captain .

    Our selection of subcontracted boats range from fishing vessels,air boats ,tug boat ,crew boat, mud boat ,sea planes, hovercraft, small canoes and more

  1. we give 2-3 hour charters.
  2. All our captains are real locals, the accent  wont lie.
  3. we hand feed alligators !!!
  4. a real swamp tour, not just a boat ride. All we do is swamp tours!...and be coonasses 
  5.  we have the fastest and safest boats
  6. we give half or hole day charters
  7. our boats make no noise, so we don't disturb the locals or the animals
  8. we showcase our beautiful fishing village life that was once the "Seafood Capitol of the WORLD" 
  9. we got "real"  small 6 passenger boats.

That's enough , not telling any more secrets.

 Enjoy the swamp and marshlands of south Louisiana the way they were meant to be enjoyed . Quiet   Don't expect us to advertise to much about anything because we don't want to ruin any surprise. 


we aim to give the "most exclusive" Swamp Tours in New Orleans. And we showcase the local life as well so you get to see all of what south Louisiana is known for.So its more like a "swamp life tour" 

$30-$100 a person, groups will be discounted

please contact us at least 2 hrs in advance  

Swamp tour , fastest boats we promise  and no noise,10% off this month  

Swamp tours
night time tours

Check out this sunset tour!!!!