"our tours are 2-3 hours"but we can shorten them to fit your schedule

Custom tour times!
you tell us when you want to go and transportation from the city of New Orleans can be provided

  • private tours can be shorter  
  • we do offer 5-6 hour excursions
  • and also 8-9 hour excursions 
  • more than 4 hours meal are  included
  • sunrise, sunset
  • as well as day and night time tours
  • and 1 or 2 hour tours

 private swamp tours

$130.00-$255 for 2 people and $45-75 each extra person 

average price $60-90$ a person

2 passenger boats

4 passenger boats

6-8 passenger boats

8-10 passenger boats

12-17  passenger boats

regular swamp tours

$45-$98 per person

we do have lots of discounts such as returning customers,groups, military, law enforcement, local people discount bachelor, bachelorete and more 

Reservations need to be made , and we do except last minute bookings

call now to book a Swamp tour in only30 minutes south of new Orleans , fastest boats on the gulf coast  and no noise

  Our swamp tours are the most unique (2-3hour tours, half a day tour, or hole day tour . A super laid back island atmosphere will surely let you feel welcome.

When you step aboard our unique vessels there is no telling what you will see. The scenery itself will be enough to interest you  .Our most popular animal life are alligators, great blue heron ,70% of north Americas bird life that live or visit our territory, little cute otters, turtles, nutria and way more .

  We also showcase our bayou life as well the locals yell crazy things at the captains as jokes like "yall know they just let him out of jail and other crazy stuff but its all in good fun and they wave when we pass by  .We have 3 different types of wetland's south Louisiana is known for (swamp, freshwatermarsh, and brackish marsh) no one else has that . 

Our captains are real locals ,from the same fishing village not someone just hired to drive a boat and fill your head with lies. We only hire locals that can pass our own "heritage" test. And each captain  is  licensed through the united states coast guard,and our  boats are insured   . And we also offer hunting charters like alligator charters, as well as fishing charters                                  

p.s we are the only place with a bar next door !!!! your welcome

Don't expect us to advertise too much about anything because we don't want to ruin any surprise.(looses lips sink ships )   

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SWAMP TOURSnew orleans by"Pirate Venture "swamp adventures 30 minutes from new  orleans

Our "swamp tours" and outdoor adventures are the most exclusive in North America!.

If individual with back problems, unsteady footing , pregnant or expecting child or over the weight of 230 lbs or  any physical problems or mental or physical disabilities  that individual or persons making reservations  is required to notify pirate venture upon reservations conformation , ages 4 and up is preffred we say down here if they can tie there own shoes they can understand directions like stay seated and keep your hands in and if they don't listen we use em 4 crab bait.  

call us


our swamp tours in New Orleans are the highlight for many guest in all of the things to do in new Orleans, Nola is a great place but our swamp is were its at! 

All sales are final and refunds can only be issued if party canceles reservation 48 hours before reservation time , usuealy half the amount of theactivity or tour  is required  for a deposit usualy , And we do shut down in bad weather we will issue refunded deposits but the weather is deamed to bad to go out "soly" by pirate ventures

Check out this sunset tour!!!!

Turn your volume up to here the sounds of the bullfrogs it is so quiet

Swamp tour, 30 minutes from new orleans

Swamp Tour, swamp boat,, 35 minutes from new Orleans.

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We Can Provide Transportation

The Best good Swamp tours
 in new orleans 

When it comes to swamp tours , we got that crack


no crowds. no noise, private tours  , daytime, nigh time, sunrise and sunset , half a day adventures, or whole day adventures .